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FAK Trading vision is to become best available trading company with excellence in everything we do. FAK Trading will be achieved its targets: Strong financial results Continuous investment in our people and infrastructure to enhance our customer satisfaction and best in class business processes. An inherent part of our sustainability strategy is to be always ahead of the market expectations and to have modern infrastructure that is updated in line with customer requirements. We expect our employees to be knowledgeable, interactive, welcoming and presentable underpinned by our core values of transparency, reliability and trustworthiness. We believe that satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, so we would like to adopt open-door policies to provide service to our valued customers.


FAK Trading offers you a complete range of trading services, with service delivery standards which are among the highest in the industry. FAK Trading has established a commanding position in procuring and delivering systems, equipment and spare parts for Oil and Gas Industries, Heavy Industries, Power and Water Generation Plants and Food Industry from the original manufacturers and through specialized export trading houses. FAK Trading is associated with renowned manufacturers and specialized trading houses across Europe, USA, Japan and other Far East countries etc.

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